EV Tech places great importance on the relationships cultivated with our local communities, striving for openness and transparency in all our endeavors.

Our Community Outreach

We consider engagement with local communities as vital for our success in various locations. Consequently, we actively participate in and host numerous events to communicate with residents, businesses, industry, and academia. These interactions include updates on our project progress and addressing any questions that may arise.

For Students

EV Tech is committed to advocating the availability of highly skilled jobs in the mineral extraction sector and supporting the retention of graduates. We actively participate in career fairs at schools and universities, offering technical internships and work experience opportunities throughout the year for students.

For additional information, please reach out to us here.

Women in Mining

EV Tech is dedicated to fostering diversity and actively supports initiatives such as Women in Mining and Women in Geothermal. We contribute to organizing networking events aimed at promoting and advancing the development of women in the mineral extraction, minerals, and geothermal sectors.
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