Direct Lithium Extraction

EV Tech employs Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology to selectively extract lithium compounds from geothermal waters. We consider this method to be the most environmentally responsible for extracting lithium from solutions.

Lithium Extraction Methods

Recent research has raised concerns about the environmental and carbon impact of current global lithium extraction projects. The use of Life Cycle Assessments is on the rise to evaluate the production impacts of lithium from various sources, ranging from hard rock spodumene deposits (with a high carbon footprint) to lithium extracted from salar brines or geothermal waters. Emerging research suggests that employing innovative Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technologies to extract lithium from geothermal waters, powered by geothermal energy, may present the most environmentally responsible approach to producing this crucial battery metal.

Recent advancements in lithium extraction technology now allow for economically viable extraction directly from fluids, maintaining concentrations historically present in hot springs. Several companies have developed proprietary extraction technologies, and we are in discussions with potential partners to determine the most suitable method for extracting lithium from geothermal waters. These technologies often revolve around selective membranes or ion absorption, facilitating the targeted removal of lithium compounds from the waters. The ultimate goal is to produce battery-quality lithium hydroxide from the geothermal waters.

Additionally, we are exploring the potential to harness the heat energy within these geothermal waters. The co-production of lithium alongside geothermal heat and power presents an exciting opportunity for low (or even net-zero) carbon lithium production.

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