The New Age for Energy

EV Tech is a cutting-edge mineral discovery and development firm that provides raw materials for the Green Industrial Revolution.

Growing the Clean Way

EV Tech is an innovative company in the field of mineral exploration and development, specializing in environmentally conscious extraction of lithium from geothermal waters and hard rock within Cornwall’s historic mining sector.

The company has secured agreements with mineral rights owners covering a substantial portion of the county. It is currently reassessing the territory to determine its capacity for extracting lithium and other crucial technology metals. This process is carried out using contemporary technology, ensuring a low carbon footprint and minimal environmental impact.

The establishment of a dependable domestic supply of these metals is recognized as pivotal to the UK’s industrial strategy, particularly as it strives to achieve Net Zero 2050 goals and advances the development of electric vehicles.

“Lithium is one of the key raw materials for electromobility”

– BMW Group

Lithium has an unmatchable combination of high energy and power density, making it the technology of choice for portable electronics, power tools, and hybrid/full electric vehicles


The imports of lithium is what the UK is currently reliant on

Reducing dependence on lithium imports aligns with the UK’s broader industrial strategy, aiming for self-sufficiency in critical materials. By fostering domestic production, the nation can insulate itself from external market uncertainties, ensuring a stable and resilient supply of lithium to support the burgeoning electric vehicle and clean energy sectors.

This shift not only enhances the UK’s competitiveness in the global market but also positions it as a leader in sustainable resource management and responsible mining practices.

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