Data-Driven Exploration

Through the digitization of landscape data and integration with modern sources like satellite imagery, geophysical data, and drone mapping, our technical team has successfully constructed a comprehensive 3D digital model showcasing the geological makeup and mineral potential of the region. Constantly expanding our data collection and refining the 3D digital model, we’ve developed a robust tool for mineral exploration, enhancing our capabilities in uncovering valuable resources.

Data Compilation

The company has compiled an extensive archive, exceeding 50,000 images, comprising historical data from both public and private sources. This data is being meticulously reassembled in digital format, leveraging advanced modeling techniques to predict and identify probable locations of mineralization in the sub-surface.

Geological Expertise

Our team possesses a profound understanding of geology and mineral exploration. This expertise has been instrumental in pinpointing optimal targets for exploration drilling.

Economic Viability

Supported by historical and contemporary drilling data, there is substantial evidence indicating the presence of economically viable grades of lithium within geothermal waters.

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