EV Tech is a green technology company, offering the essential resources for the Green Industrial Revolution.

Who We Are

We are an innovative private mineral exploration firm with a dedicated focus on the sustainable extraction of lithium and other essential battery metals — an area rich in historical mining significance.

Metals like lithium play a pivotal role in facilitating the transition to clean energy, particularly in power storage batteries, making them crucial elements for the future of the global economy. Our company has successfully obtained comprehensive mineral rights agreements covering over 500km², empowering us to apply advanced exploration methods in large scale.

Our Mission

To build a robust, eco-friendly extraction sector for minerals that support the worldwide objective of decarbonization, promoting sustainable growth and the shift towards a green economy.

Our Key Values


We promote creative thinking and nurture fresh strategies for addressing dynamic challenges, essential for unlocking new mineral deposits.


Robust collaborations with both industry and academia keep us at the forefront of pioneering mineral exploration, extraction, and development.


Embracing a methodical and thoughtful approach in all our endeavors, ensuring that each action is guided by intelligence and careful consideration.


Thriving in this dynamic industry demands a broad spectrum of talent that we are dedicated to enhancing throughout the organization.


Utilizing contemporary digital computer technology, we can integrate extensive historical datasets with satellite and other geophysical information, facilitating the reassessment of mineral potential in the context of modern extraction technologies.

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